Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Keeping going

The chickens are in the basement now, at least until the new coop gets done. And I actually got a bit of the dining room cleaned (you know, the bit that ISN'T my craft area). I felt great getting up at a decent time this morning and getting things cleaned. I might even start a trend, lol.
I'm dealing with a little bit of an issue right now. We have recently had a kitten wander up onto our porch. She is grey and long haired and oh so cute! Hubby says no. And he's being firm about it; I swear, I really did try. She's sick and I'm treating her with Amox. I also had to treat her fleas. I'm waiting to hear if my old boss will take her to be adopted out. It really pulls at my heart strings. Oh well, it'll pass.
We finally had a beautiful day. We went out and I started pulling big staples out of the pallet wood I snagged. I was thinking it would be a quick......oh, what was I thinking!! I worked, in the heat, for an hour and a half and have one pallet pulled apart and the staples out. That. Is. It. Ugh, oh well. I just keep repeating, "free wood, free wood, free wood". lol It started to pour shortly after we finished up outside. I'm hoping for another good day, or at least another good couple of hours tomorrow, to get some more work done. I'm hoping that by Saturday I will have enough wood prepped to start putting the posts in the ground.
Well, I promised Matt I would sew up his ripped pj's before bed, so off I go!

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