Saturday, August 29, 2009

We've been moving

Yep, just across town though. Not a huge deal, but you know how moving goes. Just no fun no matter how you slice it! It's been slow going and a little bit horrible. However, we like the place better and it has more rooms and LOTS more land. We have a ton, I mean I have, of purging to do now that we are here. It has more rooms, but smaller rooms with not as much space in them. We still like it.

The chickens are happier and so is the dog. I'd say the kids are but they are having issues with too many other things that are more important. School and getting used to being home again has caused the kinds of attitudes you hear of in horror stories. Oh well, we just keep trying and grinding our teeth.

We are finally taking the plunge!! Tomorrow we start our church life. It will be good for the kids and hopefully I can meet some good people to get to know. I really wish someone had told us when we were younger how hard it would be to make friends as adults. I might have made some better choices in friends, you know the keeping kind, lol. I'm excited to go and think it has plenty of possibilities and room for growth in our family.

My SIL offered to throw me a baby shower. I am great full and a little taken aback. I don't even know who to invite. People from work, family....... ok, that's it for the people I know and I'm not even sure if the people from work will come. Oh, and Becca. I'm hoping to develop more of a girlfriend thing with her. I think that I really need a girlfriend. Girls do you know....

I am finally knitting real objects!! I finished, almost, a hat for Jay (just waiting on my dpn's) for winter. I also completely finished a baby gnome for Ashlynn. I embellished it with an 'A' and am thinking that I'm gonna do the alphabet for learning activities (after each one of the kids get theirs, lol). Kevin told me to get some knitting needles. It was awesome!!! I got the size 11 circulars that I need for a baby blanket for the babies. I also got an entire SET of dpn's!!! I am sooooo stoked. I am eagerly awaiting the needles, knit books that I won in a contest and my diploma to come in the mail. Let me tell you, mail time is big in my house lately!! lol

Time to go..... lots of purging and unpacking to tend to. I'll leave with a pic of Ashlynn's gnome. I'm pretty proud of it even though there was way too much sewing for my liking (we'll speak of sewing next time......).

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Just wanted to add that the girls are doing well and the chicken coop is in place. Just in time for us to move!! lol That's ok, they really seem to like it there and once we move they will have more of a chance to free range (with supervision of course).

ok, so it's been a few days..

Today I was surprised by a bounty from the garden I had all but given up on. I was so excited! I have a basket full of potatoes, two zucchini, a hand full of beans and three pickling cukes that evaded my attention and grew out of control (I am hoping the chickens will want them). It just made me feel so alive and refreshed. Silly, isn't it? lol

I know I said I'd write more, but believe it or not, I've been busy. We are unexpectedly moving into a wonderful little house with more room for our family. The yard is huge and opens us up to many more opportunities for livestock and gardening!! The kids are excited and so are we.

Today I am boring myself silly with a garage sale. Trying to purge the house before the move and make a little money. Not much to report: we've made $14.75 in about seven hours. ugh. Oh well, plenty is afoot. lol

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Change of Plans

Well, no new diet anymore. We are 12wks pregnant right now. That changes things a little though not a lot. I plan to start blogging more. Maybe that will help me actually get things done. I am very tired and sick lately, morning sickness, and having a hard time getting things done. I plan to post more pics and all that jazz.
I found a website today that is so cool. and she does a lot of repurposing of old tshirts. I like the idea because tshirts are stretchy for a growing belly and cheap to buy, especially used. Plus the patterns would work for me and Ashlynn both.
We are having a garage sale this weekend and that will help me get my sewing table set up. I'm pretty excited about that. I'm hoping that having to get things ready for the garage sale will help force me to get into gear about getting some things done.
Tomorrow we start retraining the kids. Oh my gosh do they need it!! We are going to start with some basic routines to help them get into the swing of things. Then some basic chores.
I'm also needing to get some new knitting needles so that I can start this absolutely adorable blanket for my sister's baby. It's so cute that I'm thinking that I might make one for our baby too.
More to come tomorrow!!