Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Breakfast Ideas

Well, not my idea, but a Pinterest enabled idea. lol From Health-Bent, I did this wonderful bacon and eggs in the oven deal. In the oven?!? Yes, in the oven. I didn't have Canadian bacon, which is what was called for, but I did have regular bacon. First, I lined my muffin tins with aluminum foil. This was less for mess control and more for the yuck that is my very old muffin tin.

Although, this would be great for easy clean up; maybe even using those tin muffin cups would be good. Next, I cut the bacon slices in half because there
was just TOO much bacon in each with a full slice. Too much? That's right I said it, but don't tell hubby. : ) Now, since in the original recipe she used Canadian bacon, which is fully cooked, I had to add my own bit at this point. I cooked the bacon for about ten minutes first. Then I added the eggs and put it back in for another 8 to 10 minutes.

*What I Learned: Bacon is not round. Duh , right? Next time I'm going to cut the strips into fourths or even thirds. Then layer them in a pattern that makes a little cup. Cook for perhaps fifteen minutes (due to thickness of the bottom) then continue as before. Oh and I did add another five minutes, which made the egg yolks soft but not runny. I wanted them runny, but I get a little wigged out over runny whites so I cooked it longer.

Oh and sorry about the pics. They were so GOOD that no one let me (also read as I forgot to) take a picture before they were gobbled up. Maybe next time.

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