Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baking Bread and my Moby

Well, life is officially in full swing now and I'm trying to re adapt. Hubby got me a bread maker, which I am very excited about. I am in the process of making my very first loaf in it!! I had one years and years ago but as a younger much stupider adult I let it go to pot and had to throw it out. I didn't know what I had, obviously. lol I'm excited to get to my whole housewife deal and get going on the things I couldn't handle when I was pregnant. Here's my beautiful new Oster!!

I have a cranky, pukey, gassy little fuss for a daughter today. I've noticed that this is our trend when we have to run all day. She's used to being able to take her time to eat and burp and hang out with mom and I don't think she handles being rushed too well. So, I have a solution. I bought a Moby wrap about three days before she was born and I darned well intend to use it!! I gave it a whirl about a week ago but have baby brain and sleep deprivation and couldn't figure it out looking at the instruction book. Good thing for Ravelry!!! It has been my saving grace for many things not to mention a great place to meet and talk to others interested in the things you are interested in. So, one of the girls in one of my groups posted some YouTube links for tutes on the Moby. Now, why didn't I think to look there?!? Oh well, once I got looking, I literally spent like an HOUR looking at a bunch of tutes since I want this thing to be an alternative to sitting on my butt all day with babe in arms. I'm digging it so far. She is napping in it right now and it has made it so that I can post here and play with my new bread machine, lol. I'm going to go start dinner and do dishes here in just a few minutes........MAN!!! This thing is great!!

Look at what happened to me! I grew up in the city and now I'm a baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, homeschooling, gardening, chicken keeping, baking from scratch, crazy lady. LOL It's funny how life works out.


  1. What a sweetie :)
    I really wish I knew about all things babywearing and cloth diapering when I had my fisrt son 10 years ago! It seems like a wonderful way to bring up your kids. I do have breatsfeed them. The youngest was almost two before he quit ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Me too! My oldest is 11.5yrs. Funny that I chose to do all this with my last little one. lol OH well, I've never been one for being normal. lol