Monday, July 25, 2011

Trying to get back to it.......

...and sharing more squares......

..........and trying learn more! I have a very ambitious personality, but very little time to follow through with most of it. lol I'm working on it. I have wanted to learn to sew clothes for YEARS now. I mean that. Why? Well, because. I get a lot of, "it's cheaper to buy" and all the other jazz that other well-meaners have to say to me. However, have you seen what the big box stores (and some little box stores) want us to dress our young daughters in?!? I have and I not only disagree but I strongly disapprove. I have two daughters. Not to mention that they do not make clothes for moms. Have you noticed this? You either have to be itty bitty or a bigger gal. I fall somewhere in the middle, right now, and cannot find a thing that fits me. It makes me want to cry. Also the lack of maternity (which I no longer need, lol) and nursing (which I DO still need) at a reasonable price makes me want to scream. I am NOT paying fifty bucks for something just because it's easy to nurse in AND is cute. I'll just make it myself. So, without further ado, here are the girls' matching skirts.

I know, the house is a mess. And the white stuff is soap. She's an odd one, lol. This skirt is just SO cute on her. It goes below her knees....SHOCK!! Huh? lol

This one is a little fuzzy, but I really wanted to show the length.

And here is Miss A's. I know, her swimsuit is yucky. It needs to be scrubbed. She seems to think it is everyday, all day attire right now, ugh.

So there we have it. They were easy and turned out too cute. They have given me a little more confidence and a lot more motivation! I'm going to get this down. I mean it. ; )

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