Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And the first one is DONE!

I finally got the first blanket done for our Ravelmama who is having baby #2 on Thursday. I wish I wasn't cutting things so close, but such is life. This one is a 9 square blanket and I think it's lovely. The perfect crib size blanket and sooooooo soft. Miss Miranda has been carrying on about trying to get me to give it to her. I think I might need to make one for her.

Here's another one. I'm hoping that later I can get someone to hold it up for a pic for me. You really MUST see all of the beauty in this blanket. So much love from so many talented hands went into this special blanket. I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of gals.

Here's another pic of one of the squares I received earlier. I just couldn't get a good pic of the beautiful red color of the yarn. It turns out I just needed some good light.
Here's a pic of a square I just received this week. Such a wonderful camel color. I joined the squares with a single crochet. It makes the front of the blanket have a raised edge around each square. It adds a bit of contrast and some nice texture. I finished it with a scalloped edge. I think it looks nice.
We have a lot going on around here and some days I feel like I'm just barely keeping up. This blanket really was such a joy to put together. I felt so honored that these women were sending me these beautiful squares. It was such a joy to open each and every one. I have one more blanket left to make and six squares to do it with. I may receive more. I may make more. We'll see what happens. I'll definitely be posting the finished project and sharing all the love and beauty that comes from being part of such an amazing group of ladies.

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