Saturday, February 16, 2013

Breaking the Silence

All this quiet, huh? I know it's been a while, but I have been so very busy. It's a great excuse, right? While I haven't been doing any great organizing lately, I have been doing a lot of crafts.

Yesterday, my baby turned three. It's a little bit incredible, really. She was so tiny just yesterday. I swear. lol I made her the cutest baby doll. I know she doesn't look like a real baby, but we decided to use her favorite colors. I used this pattern.

I gave her blue eyes and blond hair (I didn't have it on her yet), and Miranda exclaimed, "just like me!" It was so great that she noticed.  I even gave her a belly button! It's called a woven spider wheel stitch. Pretty neat, huh?

Of course she needed a dress. So, she got hair and a dress and was ready to go! I used colors that I knew Miranda would love. I'm happy with the results and she loves it. 

Hubby modeled her for me. He's the best. Then, at the last minute, I decided I needed to make her a dress. I found this tutorial on Pinterest. It was really easy. I think it took me roughly two hours from measuring and cutting to finishing up. The tutorial was easy to follow and fun. She also had a great link to the exact measurements for a wide range of sizes. You can find it here.

Hands on hips is totally her new stance. lol I made it out of two of hubby's old tshirts. The body was a dark red and the arms were a beigey-brown color. I didn't think it fit the birthday girl too well. So, I went and got some navy blue Rit dye and gave it a soak for about an hour. I like how it turned out. She seems moderately happy with it. lol 

I've also been working on a wonderful baby set for my sister's new baby that she is expecting in April. I was so incredibly thrilled when she asked me to make the coming home outfit. I can't share pictures yet. I am very sure she doesn't read this, but I just want to be sure. 

I hope to have more to share soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their month!

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