Thursday, February 21, 2013

Do you Inbox?

AAAAaaaaahhhhh! I'm falling behind. Boo. All of my well laid plans have fallen by the wayside. It's a tragedy. I need to get back on track if I want to NOT lose my mind. *sigh* I'd like to say I feel a little better, but not so much. Things are still a mess whether I admit to it or not.

Now, I think my problem is that I get busy, tired, and lazy. Life, eh? The other problem is that I tried to continue on my road without  turning, or upgrading, or however you'd like to think of it. I maintained the course without making any further improvements. Improvements are always needed on an endeavor like mine. I believe I've said something about an "inbox" before. I was going to think on what to use. I also don't have a command central, yet. I think that I was waiting for the command center to finish what needed to be done. Bad move on my part.

Do you have an inbox? What do you use? Does it work for you, or is it just another drop spot? Does size matter? How often do you clean it out?

Well, I have had an inbox before. I never cleaned it out. I dumped everything in it; ie: yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing needles, hair ties, bills, paperwork, pencils, school papers, spare keys. Blah. Seriously. I am horrible about these sorts of things. I maintain that I need to make time every day to go through the inbox. I need to put things that need my attention in it and not junk mail, school spam, or anything else that should probably go straight in the trash. Oh trash! I need to keep it free of trash.

So, now I know what to do. I know where I want to put it.....eventually. Until I have my command central, though, I think I shall put it on top of one of my bookshelves in the front room. That way it is easy to get to and right where I can see it and it can remind me of what needs to be done. This definitely needs to be a thing.

The next order of business is what to use. I wanted to use those stackable ones so I could have an in and out box. However, I'm cheap and didn't want to pay $8-$9 each. Boo. So I have a ton of wicker baskets at home, I thought I'd use one of those. However, I used one of those the last time. What a debacle! I did use a large one, though. I used a large one because I always have so much that needs to be taken care of.....because I let it pile up......and then it becomes unmanageable.....and we are right back where we started. Blech.

I still think one of my wicker baskets could work. And, hey! They are cute. I like cute. It's my thing. I have one that's shorter and rectangular with handles. I think it will work nicely.

It looks much like this one from

I also have a really cute white one with big handles and a cute flower liner. I haven't made my final decision. I do need to decide soon. I also need to take a bit of time to catch up on my paperwork. This weekend, hopefully. 

In crafty news, I am a knitting machine lately. I have finished two and a half hats since Sunday! I know, right?!? lol I still have a bunch of whatnots on the needles, and I am happily plugging away. I hope you are staying safe and warm during the snow (if it happens to be where you are).

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  1. Silly girl....go with the wicker one it's better than my "in box" of every flat surface in this house!! Love you!!!