Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The beginning..... well sort of.

Tomorrow is my last day of my favorite paying job ever. I work as an office manager/veterinary assistant for a wonderfully dedicated and inspiring doctor. While I love my job, my family has been screaming from the sidelines for me to return home. I should start at the beginning. In a previous life, I was married and divorced with three children. After all that, I found the perfect job for me, which is my current position. I also found my husband, who is a wonderfully understanding and supportive man. We now have four children who keep us busy.
I have been pursuing an online education for two and a half years now and, with a little luck, will finally have a degree in July. During all of this busy life, my family has suffered. My children have become unruly and two of the three school aged children will be repeating their grades. Everyone has someone else to blame for this, but I chalk it up to my children needing me here (as does my husband). Their behavior is also lacking, very lacking. As if this was not enough drama, wink wink, my father in law was recently diagnosed with cancer, again. He starts his chemo on Tuesday. I am praying for the best, but scared to death. I will be taking a big role in his care.
Not that all of this is not enough to keep me busy, I also have a ton of hobbies to keep me busy. My hobbies benefit our family, so everyone is supportive. I have been crocheting since I was ten years old. My mom taught me as a way to spend off school days and summer. She was an amazing woman and I am grateful every day that I was blessed enough to have her in my life. I also enjoy gardening and plan to do much more of that. I also want to learn to can and freeze the bounty of our crops. I plan to learn to quilt, as the hubby bought me a sewing machine for my birthday last year. If there is time, I would love to learn to knit as well.
I have recently taken a huge interest in homeschooling, although we will see where that goes. I plan to reorganize my home and get it under some sort of control. I plan to take a more active role in my children's lives and education. I am planning many fun, family activities for the coming summer and getting pretty darned excited about it.
I suppose that is all for now, though I plan to post more as it comes to pass.

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