Sunday, May 24, 2009

Days off

I have been trying to catch up on some sleep lately. I just feel like I haven't slept in years. In doing so, I have been starting the day late and neglecting my homework. I really need to get some done today.
I have been working on my chicken coup and run, which is also helping me to neglect things around the house. I always feel so overwhelmed by all that needs to be done inside that finding other things to do is just easier. Oh well, I'm gonna tackle the dishes and hang at least two loads of laundry on the line today (trying to be more energy efficient). The hardware store is closed today, but I am going to go to the farm store for a saw blade, or maybe wallyworld. Anyhow, I plan to get that coup done today and work in the garden.
These last couple of days with the kids have been eye opening. I'm still not sure how to tackle all of their behavior issues. The two oldest have been writing a lot of sentences, not that I feel like it's doing any good. I think I need to up the number having to be written. I'm considering instituting naps for the five year old as she thinks she needs to cry every couple of minutes over everything. Perhaps quiet time in her bed will help her to understand that it's not acceptable. As for the little man, he is developing a HUGE attitude. He has taken to hitting his siblings, growling and poking them with pencils. He is being sent to bed as well, which is harder because his bed is in our room where hubby sleeps during the day so he can work at night. I'm still working on punishment ideas. They stand on the wall, but I'm not even sure that helps.
Well, I'm off to another fun filled day with the kiddos. We have so much to do this coming week, but at least hubby is off starting tomorrow morning until Wednesday night. That will help.

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