Thursday, April 14, 2011

corn and babies

Today we busted our rears trying to beat the storms and get the corn still hasn't hit yet. lol It wasn't all for not. We got our first planting of corn put in. It was crazy and I am tired. I also put together a new bookshelf and had piano practice. (On top of regular stuff like, ya know, school and housework.) So, since it's late and I'm tired, just a few pics to capture our day.

First, the finished strawberry patch, as promised. I had to put little sticks next to each plant because they looked so weird out of the package and really blended with the dirt. There are 21.

Hubby hard at work in what is now our corn field. The dirt area where he is standing was identical to the surrounding overgrowth just a few days ago. Lots of hard work.
Here I am making a go at the rototiller. I got it done, but boy do those things have a mind of their own. It was not nearly as easy as you would have thought a self propelled yard machine might be. Between the two of us, we tilled this area a total of 3 times with more than 4 go arounds each time.
And my favorite picture of the day. Miss Miranda wanted to be held while we were doing the actual planting of the corn and since I didn't want to abandon hubby during this process, we found a solution. This is her Boba. It's a backpack carrier. She loves to hug me when she's in it. It really makes her happy and that makes me happy. So here we are. I am pulling dirt over the seeds and baby Miranda is giving me a hug. What a wonderful life.

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