Wednesday, April 27, 2011

playing with yarn and sticks

I have been really humming right along with all of my fiber related projects. Really, I have. I think I went through a spurt, just after Christmas, of not really wanting to do any of it. I was pretty burnt out. I have my mojo back and I'm super happy about it!!

I'm testing the most awesome soaker/longie pattern right now. I LOVE it so far! It's truly ingenious. The designer made an excel workbook with formulas so the pattern is written just for YOU and YOUR baby. I just so love it. I'd say that I'm about halfway done with the body.

We walked around the property today to marvel at our work. We have potatoes coming up! The gladiolas are about six inches long already! The strawberry plants look sad, but I'm holding out hope and we are hoping that the corn makes an appearance soon. It's good that we are getting rain, but bad that we are getting SO much rain. I worry that things are not going to take out there. Oh, I'll just keep praying and waiting. The rain is also making it hard to get more planted. I do, however, have LOTS of starts on my kitchen counter. I'm getting ready to transplant a few of them. I'll have to post pics of those soon. I still feel behind and some days I feel like we are falling more behind by the minute. I guess this year is our learning curve. I hope.

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