Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sewing kids clothes, day 1

I know I should have started yesterday, but I was just so darned busy. Oh well, I made up yesterday's hour today. I put in at least two hours today on one diaper. I'm sure they will go faster now that I know how to do them. Thank goodness for tutorials and the wonderful women who make them!! So, she was wiggly, but here it is.

Don't mind the mess. That's what happens when mom sits and does ANYTHING for more than five minutes. lol In other news, we have corn! We also have popcorn starts. I am so excited. Now the weather needs to cool just a bit so I can get out there and do some planting. This 90+ degree weather is wreaking havoc on my system. Ok, I'm off to start another one! Yay!!


  1. I said it on Ravelry and I'll say it again here - that is TOO cute!

  2. MAN! I missed Sewing Kids Clothes week! Your diaper turned out great!