Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday: Around the "Farm"

I'm joining in with Sarah at Farmama and sharing photos of our goings on around our little farm. So, here you have it.

Today was a serious day....

Kids were kids and did the things that kids do on beautiful, sunny and warm days.

The potatoes are going good and strong, if only I could keep the cats and kids out of them.

The corn is growing good, although it's in desperate need of some weeding. Any volunteers?

This is supposed to be a really big garden spot. It's still in the works, unfortunately. We plan to get it completely tilled and planted tomorrow. I hope....

Today, men folk were men folk and talked of manly things......ok and Miranda listened.

Mom, that's me, sat and weeded the strawberry patch, that was also in desperate need. Do you see what happens when it rains and is really sunny and really warm for two weeks straight? Oh well.

The chickens ran like their lives depended on it. It didn't, but they sure did do a convincing job of making us think so. (see? I got lots of weeding done.)

We also put our teen chickens in with our big girl chickens tonight. I'm a little nervous, but hubby says they will be just fine. Tomorrow morning, the babies go out to the now empty coop. Every thing's moving forward.

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