Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around the farm

Joining in again with Sara over at Farmama for a trip around our little farm to see what's going on.
The transplants are finally done. I'm not sure how many will make it, but they are in the ground. I really just need to do as I go instead of taking an all-or-nothing approach to this thing.

Perfect example is my cucumbers. They were doing GREAT, but since I was waiting until all the beds were ready (which may be never) they got all wilty and sad. Now they may die, ugh.

The sweet corn is going like a champ!! Some of the stalks got broken in our most recent storm, but for the most part it's going good. I managed to plant a few more seeds today and while I still have time, I may plant a few more.
We've also been doing some swimming lately (isn't she cute in her new bathing suit?). We've been indulging a bit too. And we are happy about it.

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