Thursday, September 20, 2012

Starting a Garden Book

Book? Journal? Collection? Yeah. I think collection works better. I have to admit something about me: I am very ambitious with very little actual completion. I tend to start things, big, ambitious things, and never finish them. Or I just don't start at all and talk, and talk, and talk about how I'm going to do *blank*. Don't throw that away! It's going to become *blank* as soon as I have time. Seriously? Right. When am I ever going to have time. Well, I suppose we make time for the important things. I am doing just that: making time.

I want to grow our food. My reasons are countless. As soon as I list them, there is another reason to add. To save money, to eat more naturally, to teach my kids the importance of nurturing something, to learn one more skill that will save us from the zombies. You can see how it goes.

The big problem is that I have a lot of information. Why is that a problem? It is all over the place. It's in books, on Pinterest, and straight from the mouths of other, well weathered gardeners. My experience is growing, as well, and I really need somewhere to record that also. I have decided to collect it all in a book.
my chaotically organized list
First, I made a list of everything I'm interested in growing, either now or later down the road. Next, I alphabetized them. I cut a strip of average office labels in half to make tabs.

I am using a standard sketch pad. Why? I like the thicker pages and I think they will hold up better after a lot of use. Not just that, but I want to be able to glue or tape pictures to the pages. I think this will be helpful to identify pests or show different stages of growth of the plant.
Gathering Information
Once I had everything together I started to compile my information. This will be an ongoing project that I am hoping I can keep up with. I will be adding more everyday until I have information on all of the fruits and vegetables on my list. I plan to leave extra room/pages to add pictures and other information as I find it.
Garden Book


  1. Good for you! Keep encouraged and start small, that will help a lot. I also highly, highly recommend Mel Bartholomew's Square Foot Garden ideas (there is a lot of information on the website, but the book is worth getting - I've had to replace my copy twice!)

  2. I think I have a copy around here somewhere. I'll have to give it another read through, thanks!