Friday, September 21, 2012

what a beautiful sink....sort of

So, I'm going to show you something horrible; my sink.

In my defense, it is a rental. Anyone who has ever rented knows that you inherit lots of fun problems when you rent. Last Friday I made this miracle cleaner and I felt it worked really well for stains on clothes. The website says it works for all sorts of wonderfulness, and I tend to believe them. I am definitely making it a staple in my house. I put it in this cute blue spray bottle.

Anyhow, somehow it ended up on the floor. (I don't know how anything stays where it belongs in this house) The lid came loose and it was making a mess. I was in the middle of something (who me? NEVER!) and just picked it up and threw it in my sink, and that is that very, very white mark in the otherwise disgusting sink. Well, it hit me like a ton of bricks: Peroxide is the answer! I suppose I should have known this already. However, I used everything on the market on this sink trying to make it look not so "dingy". Sometimes things that might otherwise be common sense have to maul me over before I get it. Soooooo......I started with my amazing miracle cleaner and then scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed. As I stood there, admiring my handy work, I thought, "heck!! Why don't I just dump the rest of the bottle of peroxide in there with a stopper?" So that's just what I did.

Then, every half an hour or so, I went in and gave it all a really good scrub. The solution got gross.

Finally, after about six hours, I drained it and voila!! It looks MILES better than it did before. I'm definitely going to do this again soon and see if I can get the rest of it. I'll probably use a baking soda paste and scrub it in and let it sit. It's definitely in the future.


  1. Thank you!! I thought so, too. I am just so happy when I go in the kitchen now. lol