Thursday, March 7, 2013

Start-itis Flare Up

So, the Knitmore Girls call it start-osis: a condition of starting. While I love that, I really feel like start-itis better describes my condition. I have an inflammation of starting. I am starting all the things. I am losing momentum too soon into the projects and starting something new. My WIPs are starting to take over my world. Lol

We have had a lot of big changes around here, lately. I finally bought a real computer desk!! No. No pictures, yet. We plan to put it together tomorrow. I am so, so excited about it. I do have something to show you, though. Remember my Inbox rant here? Well, I was bad. I never settled on one of my baskets. None of them felt right, and if it isn't right I won't use it. I know me.

Well, we were perusing Lowe's and I happened upon the most perfect inbox!

Isn't it awesome? I love it! I love that it won't take up much room on the desk, too. So there's that.  Like I said, there is lots going on atound here, but I've little time to chat about it today. More to come tomorrow with plenty of pics. You can check my Ravelry projects page or check out my little ticker to your right to see all my crazy ridiculous WIPs. See you tomorrow!

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