Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Yarn Project and Some Thoughts on Progress

Today there were several affirmations that I desperately need to get my act together. Well, keep getting my act together. First off (not that I thought to take pics while it lasted), I cleaned the kitchen. It was a mess. I wasn't upset that it was a mess. I just accepted it and found a calm in my work. It looked lovely! All of the dishes were done and all of the surfaces were cleaned. Then I made dinner and fed the herd, and that's all she wrote.

Next time I get a room in my house cleaned the way that I would like I am going to take a picture. I am going to keep those pictures, probably in the Big Binder, where I can look at them for inspiration. I am a victim of comfort. When I get lazy I just don't care how bad the house gets, that is until there are no clean dishes and it's Sunday and no one has clothes for Monday. Then I care a little more. It's not that I don't love having a clean house; I do. However, I get tired, as I'm sure we all do. And when I get tired I get lazy. Then I just want to play with yarn. Quite often that is what I do.

So, that's one of my binder plans: I will have a cleaning section in the Big Binder and pics of the clean rooms of my house in it. Other categories that I'm considering are pets, vehicle, and calendar. I'm still deciding how to work those.

The other big thing that happened is I had to run to Walmart, twice. I didn't have everything for dinner. No big deal? That didn't happen when I was better about meal planning and proper grocery shopping. I sucked it up and ran to Walmart. I bought noodles, soda, and yarn. I came home and realized that I had forgotten chicken stock. Boo. So, back I went to get chicken stock and more yarn. This would not have happened if I had prepared a list. Even a small one would have saved me a trip.

Onto another question you might have: why did I buy yarn twice? No, it was not to ease the pain of having to run to Walmart twice in an hour. It was because I needed two different grays. I was sure I had a heather gray at home. I didn't have it in my stash, couldn't remember where it was, and wasn't sure if I'd even have the energy to look for it. Ugh. Now I can add my Ravelry stash to the list of whatnots to organize and then this will not be a problem.

In crafty news, I have started a new project. I did not need a new project, but it's in my personality to start a new, shiny craft. I'm making a scarf that will reflect my high temps for the year. I got the idea at this blog. Pretty neat, huh? I had to change the temps not only from Celsius to Fahrenheit  but I had to move them up to reflect my geographical area. I'm keeping track of my temps, but am a few days behind on the actual knitting part. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm still getting all the yarn together.

I've got a lot of ambition for this one. Let's see if I am able to keep it up all year. This project fits right in with my follow-it-through goal. 

That's all for now. Tomorrow is Monday*sigh* and there is plenty to be done. I may have something new to share, even. 

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