Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Journals and Some Organizing

Thinking of Spring is something I do year round. I like the winter, and it's not like I want it to end, yet. However, I love dirt. I love to dig in the dirt, have my bare feet in it, and, most importantly, grow stuff in it. When the snow is on the ground, I am thinking of what to grow, when to start, and how will I not run everything late this year. I'm good at that, the running late part. Not this year. (no, I don't say that every year. *cough cough*)

I've been working on my garden book. Now I have all of the labels in it, but not much more information. I keep changing my mind on the set up. I've also been thinking of adding a separate garden journal. My garden book is for how-to's and tips I learn from other gardeners. My journal is for progress pics, start dates, harvest dates, and other info that is only pertinent to this particular year and region. I'll have to get the journal soon because it's almost time to starts some seeds! Squee! I'm pretty excited.

Don't worry; there is something to be shared on the organizing front. You know how you see something on Pinterest (or even somewhere else. Hey, it can happen!) and you think to yourself, or out loud, "now why didn't I think of that?!?" You know, it's something so simple and something that you've almost done several times. That wonderful 'duh' moment. I had one. I have one linen/medicine/towel closet in my house. It has to hold it all. It's normally a horrid mess with whatnots falling out all. the. time. Well, looky what I did.

I have two of these housing the majority of our medicine. I need to get probably two or three more to finish the job. Hey! There are seven of us; don't judge. lol Anyhow, Now there is actually room for my towels! Right now I have six categories: pain, kids, stomach, topical, first aid, and adults. I bought the containers at walmart for around $9 each. Totally worth it. My other system was horribly inefficient. I had mini totes full of medicine and we were always buying what we already had or searching and making messes in the middle of the night. This is so much better. 

There is no new craft news to share. I did, however, add some lovelies to my blog. I have the Ravelry progress bars, and they make me happy. I also added a Google+ and Pinterest button. Enjoy!!

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