Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Packing Away the Christmas Stuff and Meal Planning

 Well, I didn't get my small thing done that day. However, I did do it yesterday. It took me much less time than I thought, which is awesome. So, I laid it all out to see what I needed and what had to go.

Now, I know that this is not all that I had. I'm pretty sure that a very large box of Christmas whatnots was left behind in our last move. Isn't that always the way it goes? I needed to get everything into this tote. It was relatively easy.

Ta da!! It's all packed up and stored away. This is what I had to donate. I'm proud to say that I did, in fact, put it in the car and actually drop it off. I know, shock! It is amazing.

I had to go grocery shopping this week. I tried not to, but it didn't work out. Once upon a time, I had a great meal planning and grocery system. I had seven meals per week numbered week 1-4. When it was time to meal plan, I just handed hubby the list and asked him what week he wanted. This worked great until hubby changed what he likes to eat. This changes more often than you might think. I've been a little thrown off and way unorganized because of it.

 Here is my menu plan for this week. I think that I will probably make a hard copy with our favorite meals. I should hope that it would make it easier when we need to plan what to eat. 

I used that list to make my grocery list. Really, the whole process took about half an hour. Then off to the grocery we went. It made that whole trip much, much easier.

In crafty news, my scarf is moving right along. I'm almost done. Now, if the cat lets it go then I will be able to finally be done with my Christmas gift giving.

I've been thinking a lot about clean schedules and how to get my house in less of a chaotic state.  I've never really had a cleaning schedule that worked for me. I've tried several things and they all worked for the short term, and only if I focused on cleaning and nothing else. Well, we all know that real life doesn't work that way. Yesterday and today was very productive days. I timer tasked my cleaning with my knitting with my kid time. I used one of the boards on Ravelry in Reclaiming the Home. It was lovely and my hubby is super happy to have the house so clean. How do you organize your cleaning?

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