Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Homeschooling" the Youngest

It amazes me that homeschooling is such a taboo topic, especially when we are supposed to be doing this if we don't put our children in preschools. Aren't we supposed to work on ABC's very young? Counting? Learning colors? Even beginning reading? These are things they are supposed to be able to do, or at least somewhat grasp, before entering kindergarten. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been subjected to kindergarten 'testing'; where they decide what class to put our kiddos into based on their abilities. I have been really getting into the idea of homeschooling my oldest for numerous reasons and wanted to start with my youngest. He is a sponge, after all, and easier to teach as he is only 3years old. I used to stay home with my oldest two boys when they were little. However, between the situation, work and never sleeping, I never really learned how to be a stay home mom and teach my kids. I'm learning that now, although it seems like it should be something that I would know by now. I am very greatful for my situation and that I'm able to stay home with the kiddos and try to give them the individual education that they need. That said..... Jay loves to learn. We got him this wonderful leapfrog 'scribble pad'. It is awesome!! lol Jay pushes the letters and then traces them on the pad and it erases as well. He enjoys it so much. It really makes me feel like there is hope for teaching the kids. I have to be honest; I have lost a lot of my gumshoe for homeschooling lately as it has been replaced with the anticipation of this baby being born. I'm sure I will pick it up again, very soon. This is just the beginning.
In other news, I am still pregnant. While I am not waiting to go into labor since we are having another section, I am seriously beginning to feel like I will always be pregnant. lol I know this phase will end, with a beautiful delight. I am knitting for her. I am working on a coming home outfit for her. She has a hat and socks now, and I am working on a dress for her to match. She is going to look adorable!! We contemplate what she might look like, you know hair, eyes and such. I can't wait to meet her. More news tomorrow as it will be the end of week 2 of No Poo. I'm going through the greasy part they warn you about. Two more weeks until it should subside, I hope. lol See ya tomorrow!!

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