Friday, January 8, 2010

Life in Isolation

We continued to be snowed in. It's not so bad, really, except that the kids have cabin fever and are starting to drive me a wee bit crazy. lol Hubby says he's going to go dig out the van so he can go to work tonight......we SHALL see. lol I know how thrilled he is in going out into negative temperatures with a snow shovel. Oh well, we know too well that I am not able to do it. We'll be wishing for some of this cold weather in August, I am sure. Human nature, we always want what we don't have.

Today I have been knitting. My little angel has either a knee or elbow poking out and causing a horrid bruising/stabbing type feeling. Yuck. It really makes me not want to do anything (although I need to get up and make lunch soon). The nice thing about feeling ucky All. The. Time. is that I am getting some knitting done. I did my very first rounded hat with dpn's and it only took two days, not constant for two days but ya know. I'm working on another set of newborn socks to match the hat. It's for a swap. I then have to finish the goodies I've been working on for Brennan (my sister's baby that should be here this month) and get those off. I have not made one single thing for my little one. I want to be done with everyone else's baby stuff by next week. That gives me four weeks to finish Miranda's goodies before she gets here. I really, really wish I had more time sometimes. Others I wish I was done. Soon enough. We have the cradle now, although it needs a sheet for the mattress, and we are going to pick up the car seat this weekend. I also went ahead and ordered a few maternity shirts. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't but even hubby's long shirts don't cover the belly anymore. Besides, I paid six bucks for one and seven bucks for the other and they will work for nursing as well. Besides, they are beautiful, lol. Anyhow, here's my finished baby hat.

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