Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowed In!!

So I know that the whole world is having crazy winter weather and we are no exception. Hubby was supposed to work tonight, but I could not be more thankful that the schools are closed tomorrow. How did I make that jump? Well, hubby's employer is a big box company and the employees are supposed to be able to call in for weather that is unsafe to drive in, ie. tornadoes, blizzards and the such. Well, apparently his store does not honor this policy as we have learned in the past. However, if the schools are closed then their absence can be excused for weather. I have been looking outside all night since the snow started coming down really hard at around two ish. It's hard to tell if it's still snowing or if the wind is blowing so hard that it looks like it's snowing. Yikes.

The kids had a good time playing in it when they got home today.

I started on my first hat knitted in the round. I'm pretty excited about it as it's going well and fast. I am prepping for another swap and this hat goes in the box (along with a pair of socks, if I can squeeze them out of the skein. That's the limitations for the round: one skein.). I've been feeling especially yucky and out of control today, so I've mostly knitted. It makes me feel calm, or more calm than the crazy that seems to be my norm lately. Here's the work in progress.

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