Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living in a postcard

We are finally expecting to warm up in the next week or so. It will be greatly appreciated but the pretty winterland we've been living in will be gone (probably not for too long though).

I have decided to put my foot down with myself; no more knitting for anyone else until my daughter has some fibery wonderfulness too! LOL I have been getting out of control with knitting for other people and I have not made one single thing for our baby. Ugh. Well, I have four weeks left and I intend to get my butt in gear! Other than that, the only other thing to report is how tired and burnt out I am on school. I also have four weeks of that left and cannot bring myself to be very productive at all. Oh well, tomorrow's another day....


  1. Pretty! Is that freak weather snow, or does it usually snow there? Plus side to waiting for baby is that you would want to make sure it's not going to be too small... :)

  2. Yes and no on the freak snow. lol We got mostly ice last year. However, my very first year in Missouri it snowed like this. Granted I was on the eastern end of the state, which I'm sure makes a difference. I just think it is beautiful here during all the seasons....sigh. lol

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    That's the way it supposed to look here too, but it's been raining for days so it's just ice here :(
    I'm sure you'll knit up something beautiful for the baby in four weeks :)
    Have a great weekend!