Sunday, December 20, 2009

And I was doing so good.....

Well, my blogging every day in December kinda hit a rough spot, lol. I've been a little busy and a lot of not feeling good and that's about my excuse for it. Let's see if I can catch you Lots and lots of Christmas shopping. The kids have had a tough year as far as behavior goes and we've been telling them all year that they are only getting clothes for Christmas. We stuck to that. However, Santa is bringing them each two toy gifts and a book (plus stocking stuff, of course). We went shopping three days last week, but are finally done!! Now for the wrapping..... which ought to be interesting since they are home from school until Christmas day. I'll have to do it late at night, which is also not easy since my youngest is a night owl and my new medication makes me dopey.
Ahhhh, my new medication. Let's talk about that. I had a horribly, unbearably, itchy rash show up Monday evening. I tried every conventional, and not so conventional, method you could think of or that was suggested to help quell the itching. Yuck yuck. I mean to say that it itches so bad that it actually hurts. I was resulting to taking hot showers because the pain was so much more easy to tolerate than the itching. I saw the OB on Thursday for my normal appt and he took a look and said that it looked like contact dermatitis. I was prescribed a strong antihistamine, which did very little for me. I should clarify. When prescribing the meds, the Dr said I should take it only when I needed it since it was a strong med and nothing is safe during pregnancy. I was taking it once a night when the symptoms were the worst and getting ZERO relief. I called him again on Saturday. He said he was stumped as we talked about me and my families routines and hygiene care. I was then advised to take the meds every 6hrs. I'm pretty sure this is because we do not want to risk secondary infection from the itching (which is so bad I do it in my sleep). He said he would do some research and talk to some other OBs and see what he could come up with. He called me back and told me he was pretty sure I have PUPPS. After looking the info up ( had the most info), I agree. All the symptoms are there, except it started on my legs and is climbing up my body. I have a severe case of it. He also prescribed me a steroid pill but I'm a little hesitant to start it. I might give them a call in the morning (as I sit here squirming and itching even on my meds, ugh). Oh, did I mention that the cure for PUPPS is delivery? Not that it's life or death and I need to deliver now, it's that it won't stop until she is born. I knew she was stubborn, but come on! lol
On other news, we put up our tree!! I'd like to say it was a joyous occasion, but I'd like to say that every year and do not. It's normally very chaotic and frenzied and the kids are usually a little too hectic for the adults to enjoy the moment. Matt thinks it's a race, which is fun, and everyone else always gets ahead of their age limits, lol. However, we made it through and it doesn't look half bad. Here are a few pics of the kids doing their thing. I'm gonna clean up the living room and put down the tree skirt and what little presents are wrapped, then I'll take a better pic to post.
Then there's the fun stuff..... contractions! Not BH, but real contractions. People often make the mistake of thinking that I don't know what they feel like since I've had all csections. WRONG! I go into labor and experience some variation of real contractions with every child. I had some back contractions before 20wks, which was scary. The good news is that I know how to stop them and I was pretty much just stressed and not drinking enough water. It's easy to get caught up in life, ya know? lol Anyhow, these are contractions right up front. Not regular enough to cause too much concern, but every day since Sunday there is a period each day that I have at least 4-10 of them fairly close together. Makes for a cranky and uncomfortable me. I will have to mention this next time I go in.
And the best news.......drum roll, please........February 15th is Dday!! We are scheduled for surgery at 8am. So, I have put myself on restricted duty so that she doesn't come early. I went from wanting her to come early to really praying that she doesn't in a matter of a few days. Funny thing, now that we have the day planned, I really don't want to worry about it being any earlier. I suppose we will adapt whatever happens. lol
Anyhow, that's all for now. I will make sure to post tomorrow as it is laundry soap day!! I have all the supplies for making homemade laundry soap and am dying to try this (plus we are all out of clean clothes!). Also, tomorrow is our church Christmas pageant, so hopefully I will have some cute pics from that. Happy Holidays to all!!

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