Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chicken Coup and Other Nonsense

Well, I finally got out there and started the winterizing of the coup. Took me long enough, I know, but we are expecting temps in the negative numbers with the wind chill tonight and a high of 19 degrees tomorrow; so really it's just in time. I have a few things to finish up on tomorrow. I did get it cleaned out really well and sealed with foam sealer. I also purchased a bale of straw and put that down and added a nesting box (here's to hoping they actually use it). I also put a heat lamp in there and am getting ready to plug it in here in a few. They seemed pretty happy with it. I also tried to nail some wood slats down so that they would have a harder time dumping their feed at every meal! lol I do love my girls and am hoping I did enough to protect them. The oldest kiddo recently broke one of the doors, but I haven't fixed it yet (it's on tomorrow's list). Here they are in their comfy new accommodations! It must be love because my pregnant body is making me pay dearly. lol
On another happy note, at least for me, I ordered two Thirstie's Duo Diaper Covers and 24 Prefolds today from Baby Cotton Bottoms!! I have never cloth diapered before so I am so very excited to give it a whirl with this kiddo. It's silly, but I dream about diapers. It's been an interesting day on the home front! Now, I must be off. The house looks like a tornado hit it and Jay's teacher will be here at 10:30am to play with him. It's going to be an extra long night!

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  1. I'm sure "the girls" will be very happy with their new decor!! :)