Monday, December 7, 2009

Days Out

Why is it that every time I have to go out for the day it requires hours of out time making me feel like I've wasted my day? Oh well, I guess it's a question for the ages. It's probably something I'll never understand; you know a time space continuum problem. lol Anyhow, I planned to tend to the coup today, but was out with dad for roughly 3.5hrs. I did get a heat bulb and straw for the coup. I plan to go out there nice and early tomorrow morning to get this done. Plan is the appropriate word. However, I did manage to get the dog bathed and her bedding washed. She loves being in with the kids. That's sort of a lot when you consider that I still managed to do quite a bit of homework, dinner and a few other chores. Nothing creative to report today, other than a little bit of knitting. There's always tomorrow, lol.

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