Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've never thought it was fair that I have to suffer through contractions and have all csections. Today is one of those days. Just drinking lots of water and trying to take it easy. I felt fine and then I went out to the coup to lock it up and it started. Yuck. With every baby, I have had to deal with contractions and with many of them actual labor. It can be so frustrating. When you labor you get an end result. You get an end result with a csection but it's just not the same. I have been bitter and felt a bit cheated for the better part of the last 11yrs because of all this. I try to make peace with it all the time. All I manage to do is alleviate some of the guilt, which I guess is nice. I plan to just sit and do homework and knit for the rest of the night. Although I can't get out of putting the laundry in the dryer and doing some dishes, ugh. They aren't full blown contractions, nor is there a pattern to them. No need to worry. Just quite a bit of discomfort and a lot of irritation, lol. So, that's my gripe for now, lol.

I always think that my blog posts are boring without pics. I hope not a lot of people share my feelings on this, lol. On the up side, Jay is being super sweet today. He spent two days with Grandpa and I figured he'd be all mad when I went to pick him up for church this morning. Instead he was all huggy and lovey. He made me carry him into the church and up the stairs (huff, puff, huff). Then he wanted to go back downstairs for the children's church. However, he wanted me to go with him (at least he walked this time). Then, despite the teachers' best efforts, he only wanted to observe. He laid in my lap and rubbed my belly. Then he laid on my belly where his sister kicked him in the side of the head a few times. He didn't seem to mind. He's been a little more than rambunctious since we've been home but awfully attached to me. We are on our second round of Madagascar 2. One more time and I might actually be able to recite some of it, lol.

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