Monday, December 21, 2009

Laundry Soap Victory Dance!!

So, today I made the homemade laundry soap. It took roughly 10minutes and I'm pretty happy with it. I already used powder, so stuck with that format. I used @2/3 bar of Fels Naptha, 1.5 C Borax and 1.5 C Washing Soda. I grated the FN and add it to the jar of powders. Mix well, sort of, lol. I had a scoop left over from formula (like three years ago) and it equals roughly a tablespoon. I am using two scoops per load. I really think this is more of a psychological issue, lol. I am just so used to using that full scoop of Tide that using such a small amount reeks havoc on how clean I THINK the clothes are getting. However, after the first load was washed, ahhhhh the smell of clean. lol There is no perfumey smell at all, just a faint scent of the FN and a very clean smell. The clothes are coming out looking great, too!! I have so far had no complaints from the wearers of the garments. I'm pretty darned excited about this! lol I've even noticed some old stains that are now gone. Woohoo! It's funny that if this works out for us it will save me more than a hundred dollars a year and it only requires 10minutes of my time every couple of months. PS, my first batch cost me $2.25!!!(of course, I'm not including the cost of the Borax because I already had it on hand, but I know it wasn't too spendy) I almost filled a good sized pickle jar with this recipe.

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  1. That is so awesome!! Putting the prices down like that really makes me want to try your recipe. I cringe every time we buy laundry detergent. It is so expensive! Thank you for sharing your recipe and your experience. :) HUGS!