Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Over Doing It

I would say not much to report today, but the 'to report' is that I seriously over did it yesterday and had the worst pain in my back today. I did ignore it and clean house this morning to prepare to Jay's teacher. He had a great time, as usual. They did lots of Christmas crafts and read 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear'. He just loves learning and having all of that individual attention lavished on him. She said he is a teacher's dream because he seems to just soak up everything that he learns. I agree, but I am totally biased. lol

We went out today for lunch and did some shopping. Which made my back even worse and brought on the wonderful contractions. Oh, how I won't miss this. I wish it was all bliss, but pregnancy is rarely this beautiful thing that they display it as in Hollywood. I'm still very grateful for the kids and that they are healthy although not too often happy with me. I'm just saying that I think my body is more than telling me this is enough (and my dad would be the first one jumping up and down in agreeance, lol).

So, what have I done today? Well, it is currently 11 degrees and we are all hunkered down - although hubby has to go get Jay from Dad's house here in a minute; poor guy. We bought a new book for each one of the kiddos for Christmas today at Pamida. It was cool because we decided to do this after we found a wonderful book about Medieval battles that we thought would be perfect for Matt (and a great book to start our home school stash). He digs history which is super nice because Kevin does too and I'm not so into it. This means that I can give them time together and Kevin can teach that subject, giving me a little break. We are also discussing getting Matt an acoustic guitar and having Dad give him guitar lessons as part of his music studies. Ok, enough about homeschooling...... for now.

I have also sat around and knit and relaxed. Mainly because we are going to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow and I really needed to rest up for it. Kevin is trying to talk me into getting one of those buggies that you ride in while at the WallyWorld tomorrow. I know I should, but I just feel so silly. You know, like I am mocking someone who is really disabled (although I can't handle walking around for more than 15minutes before the pain starts). Thanks Dad! Now I'm overly respectful, lol. Anyhow, about the knitting. I am making myself a Rayne Wrap Sweater to use during maternity and nursing time, and well beyond I hope. I made it bigger than the pattern calls for to cover my ever expanding belly. I would say that I am roughly almost 2/5 of the way done. It knits up quick, but I feel like my time is limited. I'm using Vanna's Choice in a beautiful Sage Green. That's all for today. I leave you with this goodie!!

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  1. The knitting is coming along great! :) That's awesome! Be sure to rest and take it easy... you need to take care of you before you can do much for anyone else! HUGS!