Thursday, December 10, 2009

Babies really ARE delivered by storks!!

Today's drama has been an ongoing deal. There are no stores that carry maternity clothes within 1.5hrs of me (unless I speed, then it's more like an hour). This includes Walmart. Now, you can buy maternity clothes at, but I had significant changes in my weight within a year of becoming pregnant and am just never sure what size I wear. Plus, when you outgrow your pants, you sort of need some new ones......NOW (especially when it is in the single digits outside with a killer wind chill factor). So, we tried our fourth WallyWorld today. They told me that none of the Walmarts sell maternity clothes. I felt it pertinent to bring to their attention that they have a HUGE baby and kid section. Where do they think the babies come from? Is it more likely that they come from pregnant women (you know, the ones who are buying the massive diapers and baby products) or that they are falling from the sky? One of the associates there thought that was pretty funny. A woman at church told me it is because most pregnant women want to wear those tight shirts or let their bellies hang out. I thought, not if they are on their fifth kid and their bellies look like well worn road maps! C'est la vie, I suppose.
So, in utter defeat and desperation, I caved. I needed pants now!! Not in a week when I finally go to the larger town for my next Dr's appointment. I decided that comfy wasted sweats would work, thank you Hanes! Much to all of our surprise, I still fit into a medium!! I almost did a happy dance in the fitting room, but if you've ever seen a large pregnant woman dance you would know that I didn't to the benefit of those around me. They also had these soft, soft flannel shirts for women, um er girls I guess. I grabbed the biggest size I could find, XL, and brought her home. It is peasant fitting at the top and then ties at the bottom. I think I have a little room to grow, but not too much. The nice thing is that it feels wonderfully soft on my sensitive and stretched skin. Also, it has potential as a nursing top (you know, since no one sells those either).

I do love living in podunk, but there are definite some disadvantages. I had to include a pic of me and the youngest because he was having a really sweet moment. He came to have a pic with me for hubby and told me that I look perfect. Sometimes kids know just what to say.

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  1. Awwww!

    Our WalMart carries a few maternity clothes, but the selection and sizes are very limited. My daughter went the thrift shop route.

    For the woman who said pregnant women like to let their bellies hang out... is that an option in the snow?