Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not much...

Not much going on today. Jay spent last night and Grandpa's house and that left me with the older three. While the morning was just as taxing as most time spent with the older kids is, they weren't too bad. They left in the early afternoon to go to their dad's house for the weekend (or what was left of it). That just left me with hubby sleeping. I knitted. That's it; no homework, minimal chores, just knitting. I have zero energy today and decided that with no kiddos I would spend the day relaxing. I finished up the back of my beautiful sweater, put in the other arm hole, and am now working on the left front side. My other conquest for the day is socks! Baby socks to be exact. I've been doing a lot of firsts with my crafts lately and this is no exception. I am learning that while you can learn to read a knit pattern, reading sock patterns is a whole other ballgame. I think I have successfully drove the designer nuts with my questions. lol Now, of course, I am stumped again. I am awaiting words of wisdom from my RTH girls on Ravelry. The designer suggested that I look up info on Google. I wish I could just type in what I needed and POP! there's the answer. It never works that way and as I said I am very exhausted and can barely make sense of anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. On the up side, I did get to take my first Vitamin E bath this pregnancy. I forgot how much I loved those and am thinking they need to become a permanent part of my life. lol I feel so soft and so much less itchy now.

Here's the progress on my ity bity sock. Hard to believe that I am going to have a little one that will fit into one of these in less than 10wks. Yikes!

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